The Top Three Reasons Why BeachHead's Token Will Stand Out Of The Cryptocurrency Crowd

on Sunday, 30 December 2018. Posted in BEACHHEAD, BLOCKCHAIN (BHT)

BEACH HEAD 2020’s New Crypto-Coin Aims To Redefine The Real and Virtual Economy!

In this article, we’re going to review some of the many characteristics of BeachHead Coin that we believe set it apart on the cryptocurrency playing field.

It’s a bold statement, especially when you consider that there are now 1600+ coins and tokens being traded in various markets worldwide. Nonetheless, we believe that BHT’s unique qualities will make it a crypto-world game-changer (pun intended).

Without further ado, here are the top three reasons why:

Reason #1: The BHT Token is the first coin to have its own dedicated economy, built from the ground up.

No matter what coins you may be a fan of, you have to accept the fact that their success is dependent on their utility and adaptability within the confines of the established “old-school” economy. Without ease of use, nobody will want it. You need to be able to pay a bill, or for a service in the real world in order for others to deem it valuable. The higher its acceptance and usability, the better.

All of this has to happen under the rules defined by the existing real-world economy, whether we like it or not. Simply put, whether it’s the real “fiat-based” economy, or the global digital economy, your coin(s) of choice must adapt to them, or the currency will most likely fail.

This means that cryptocurrencies gain their value based on how well they perform or at least store/convert value within the rules of the old economy. And quite often, that involves market forces that are beyond any coin’s control, at least for the time being.   


Because BHT will have its own dedicated economy built into the next VR game release of BeachHead 2020, its value will be determined by its own economy’s strength. And unlike all other cryptocurrencies, it won’t rely on the market forces dictated by the legacy/real-world economy.

And as we stated before, this will make it a game-changer.

For one thing, BHT’s economy will be fueled by its players, entrepreneurs, marketers, vendors, investors, and coinholders. All of whom are participating within the game’s immersive virtual environment, to generate, create and transfer value.

Furthermore, demand for BHT will be driven by the value and purchasing power that’s earned by its players far more than any external market forces. The more entrepreneurs open up shop in Beach Head 2020, the more purchasing power the players will gain in BHT. In turn, the entrepreneurs can tap into that purchasing power, both within the game environment as well as the real world.

Vendors, marketers and entrepreneurs that provide and create value within the game’s dedicated economy (which will be able to be easily converted into real world value), will just add more economic growth.

As BeachHead 2020 gains popularity, thanks to its already well-established reputation in the VR game space, its economic growth will bring even greater opportunities in the future.  


Reason #2: Whether you’re a one-person operation or a huge multinational company, BHT provides everyone a viable opportunity to thrive and succeed in its economy.

By becoming a BHT stakeholder, any business, marketer or vendor will instantly have the ability to gain massive exposure to potentially MILLIONS of loyal players around the globe.

But make no mistake, these are not just ordinary recreational “players”. These are players who will be paid with valuable BHT tokens for helping to defend BeachHead City. The more playtime they log, the more spendable tokens they accumulate. These tokens can be spent both within the VR game environment, as well as the real world.

By “setting up shop” in Beach Head City, you open your doors to this massive new global marketplace. And best of all, without the need to spend any further capital on conventional advertising and marketing! It’s also important to note that in BeachHead City, just like in any other city, literally everything is bought and sold. Whether it’s a new weapon for your avatar or a pizza, t-shirt or even your next gaming computer to be delivered to your door. You’ll be able to buy, sell and trade whatever you can possibly imagine with BHT, and with total ease.

Needless to say, this takes blurring of the lines between the real and virtual world to entirely new levels!


Reason #3: BeachHead Token makes transferring real-world value into and out of its dedicated economy easy for literally anyone.

BHT will be traded and/or exchanged into fiat currency (such as USD, EUR and JPY) or any other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero (to name just a few), with just a few clicks or a QR code scan. They can also be used on their own for peer-to-peer payments between individuals and/or businesses.

This aspect enhances BHT’s value potential even more. Keep in mind that there’s a tangible incentive for players to play for longer times. Since players are rewarded for their playing time and longevity (by gaining promotions to higher ranks, which means higher pay), the rapidly-growing player base will accumulate more BHT to spend. This will help grow the economy more and more over time.

Add to the equation the participation of entrepreneurs, marketers, vendors and coin traders, and we get a dynamic formula for critical mass. A formula that creates incentive for anyone to become a part of BeachHead 2020’s progressive ecosystem, and enjoy tangible benefits.

The ability to easily convert and/or transfer the value created by BHT’s own economy will be revolutionary in its own right. Especially when the endless possibilities for participants and players to benefit from its dedicated and fair economy are taken into consideration.

The BeachHead team is confident that BeachHead Token’s innovative economic model will provide positive net benefits to players, entrepreneurs and coinholders alike. Its positive effects should spill over into the real-world global economy with a variety of benefits.

In our next installment, we’ll discuss other revolutionary benefits of BeachHead Token and BeachHead 2020.



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