BEACHHEAD 2020’s New Crypto-Coin Aims To Redefine The Real and Virtual Economy!

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BEACHHEAD 2020’s New Crypto-Coin Aims To Redefine The Real and Virtual Economy!

Almost two decades ago, our team at Digital Fusion revolutionized VR gaming with BEACHHEAD 2000. And now, with the upcoming release of BEACHHEAD 2020, we’re aiming to spearhead yet another revolution. One that not only promises to send shockwaves across the gaming world, but the cryptocurrency world as well!

Introducing… BeachHeadToken.

BHT aims to leverage Beach Head’s well-established global fan base, while creating a new dimension between the real vs. virtual economy. This radical new concept in cryptocurrency will be founded on BH2020’s setting: BeachHead City, a highly-detailed, fully-functional virtual city.

BeachHead City will also have its own native crypto-economy, based on BHT. What’s particularly unique (and revolutionary) about BHT will be its inherent ability to transfer value out of the game’s virtual realm and into the real-world global economy (within).

How will BHT work?

In basic terms… business owners, vendors, marketers and investors/entrepreneurs will be able to easily obtain a stake in BeachHead City’s economy. This is done simply by purchasing a certain amount of BHT via an exchange.

With those purchased stakes, coin holders can now rent (buy) space anywhere within the city’s gaming environment. They’ll also be able to use it as actual currency to purchase goods and services, both within the game’s environment, as well as the real world.

With their newly-rented storefronts (which can be accessed and managed via an easy secure interface in the game itself), they can now set up fully-functional businesses and stores within the city, offering real/virtual goods and services.

They now become the shops, vendors, restaurants, bars, cafes and any other businesses that the city’s bustling virtual economy will need to thrive. With their BHT stakes, they’ll also be able to further leverage their “real-world” presence. This is done via the game’s highly-fluid gaming environment, coupled with BHT’s versatile functionality as a cryptocurrency.

BH2020’s players are encouraged to become defenders (citizen soldiers) who fight to protect the city against despot violent dictators and their invading armies (centralist). They’ll get paid with BHT. Their pay will come from the proceeds generated by the “rent” being paid by the city’s various business owners, advertisers and vendors, who are offering products and services within BeachHead City’s economy.

The result? A complete, fully-interconnected, and independent virtual economy, whose value can now be easily transferred into the real world economy!

This is made possible by the fact that BHT will be an openly-traded cryptocurrency. Business owners and marketers who buy storefront space with it, will gain massive exposure to the game’s worldwide player base. This should deliver global multimedia exposure, brand awareness and ultimately sales and profits generated by the growing multitudes of BH2020 players.

Conversely, the players will be earning BHT for their “work” as soldiers protecting BeachHead City from various attackers and invaders, and gain buying power. They’ll be able to make purchases both within the game’s environment with their earned BHT, as well as in the real world as a cryptocurrency.

But wait! It gets even better...

The longer that players remain active on BH2020, the higher rank they’ll achieve. The higher the rank, the higher their pay increases. This provides a tangible incentive for more players and longer playing times, creating a true “win-win” proposition for all parties involved in the game’s ecosystem!

BeachHead City’s business owners will gain more and more exposure over time, thanks to BH2020’s rapidly-increasing number of players. This trend increases the potential of generating more virtual and real-world sales. Since BH2020 will be a 100% FREE download, there will be no barrier to entry for players.

Players will be able to easily access the various businesses’ websites from within the game’s environment at their leisure, via saved browser tabs. They’ll also have the option to pay for purchases with their earned BHT.

Here’s an example...

Let’s say that a player walks by a storefront in BeachHead City that’s featuring a cool T-shirt in the window, while on patrol. The player likes the shirt and decides to purchase it on the fly. To do so, all the player would need to do is enter the VR of the storefront and browse the store. The player can then have the avatar try on the t-shirt, to see how it looks. If the player is happy, he/she can then easily purchase a virtual version of the shirt for the avatar, paying with BHT.

Even better, the player can also click on the item in the window to access the vendor’s site via browser, then order and pay with his/her BHT. The player then receives it via UPS or parcel post, just like any other online store purchase!

We’ll delve more into all of the different ways that real and virtual products can be offered and sold on BH-2020’s powerful and flexible VR environment in future installments, so stay tuned!

It’s also important to note that all commerce, transactions and smart contracts will be logged on BHT’s very own decentralized blockchain. This will be a public ledger of all transactions occurring within BeachHead City’s economy, providing transparency and security for all parties involved.

Thanks to BH-2020’s full-immersion gaming environment and infrastructure, the possibilities of overlap between real world vs. virtual world commerce become virtually infinite. BHT’s groundbreaking concept offers an unprecedented opportunity for interaction among the game’s active players, business owners, vendors, coin investors and entrepreneurs.

Adding to the excitement will be BHT’s future ability to be traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow coin holders to convert its value to other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, or even sell them for fiat currency, such as USD or EUR.

We’re excited about how BHT will benefit players and participants in countless tangible ways, particularly in the real-world economy. We also anticipate this innovative new level of interaction and interdependence to fuel BH-2020’s environment and economy to levels that... simply put… the gaming world has never imagined before!

In future segments, we’ll delve deeper into BHT’s capabilities, features, and much more.

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