No pay to play
Dillon Moreno

NO pay to play: shouldn’t have to buy ingame content to beat levels, climb the ladder or advance in any way

NO pay to win: shouldn’t be able to pay to have an advantage in otherwise balanced matchmaking, an overwhelming unfair advantage that is. There shouldn’t be people at the same level who destroy you every time cause they paid real cash for ingame content. Same goes for score competitions, strategy, or any game that would suffer from average players feeling like they have to shell out cash just to survive/compete.

Pay to Look Cool (aesthetics/skins) Emotes, whatever

BeachHead 2000 & Pepe Moreno in China
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This blog posting it's derived from an article published by Gamebrio magazine in April of 2016. The article was written in (Japanese, Mandarin and) English by a foreign reporter. We are aware that the article and the blog here contains spelling and grammatical errors, but for the sake of authenticity, we decided to publish the article as it appeared originally and without corrections.

Beach Head series, developed by Digital Fusion, are very classic shooter games. It’s said that the series have accumulated more than 2 billion downloads worldwide since the launch of the first product Beach Head 2000 16 years ago. Pepe Moreno, as President of Digital Fusion, is not only the creator and designer of this famous brand, but also a comic book artist and writer in Europe and in the US since the 1970s. He is also best known in the United States for his 1990 digital graphic novel, Batman: Digital Justice, published by DC Comics.

BeachHead 2000 & the BeachHead Brand
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Back in the future of 2000, Beach Head 2000 changed the paradigm of (PC) gaming by introducing a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping arcade-style game that was easy to play and addictive to the core. Back them top heavy RPG’s reigned supreme and a mindless arcade-like game under 10MB with no manual or thinking required was considered a SIN in the established gaming world. To me, the real pressing question was “where (the hell) is the PLAY button?”.