BeachHead is a community that promotes equality and prosperity for all. BeachHead is a community where everyone has the space and means to create a virtual life they are proud of.

Violence: You may not threaten to hurt or harm any person or group in physical reality or in virtual reality.

Abuse/harassment: The abuse, harassment, mistreatment and cyber-bullying of an individual or group is strictly prohibited.

Harmful Individuals and Groups: The creation of harmful, offensive and insensitive groups is strictly prohibited.

Promoting Illegal Behavior: The promotion of illegal behaviors, such as assault against humans and animals, fraud and theft is strictly prohibited.

Self-harm/Suicide: The promotion of self-harm and suicide is strictly prohibited.

Crude or Offensive Content: Uploading inappropriate photographs, video or any form of media is strictly prohibited. The grounds for what is considered crude or offensive is up to the BeachHead team.

Nudity/Sexual Content: The posting and promotion of nude/sexual images and videos in any form of media is strictly prohibited.