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"The Fighting First"
Welcome to the Veterans United Defense Force, 1st Battalion, 1st BeachHead Division, VUDF-1.
BeachHead City was once the "Pearl Oasis" of the Seas as quoted by the greatest military commander of all time and coalition leader of the Great BeachHead wars of 2000, General Dougie MacDonald.
From its pristine white sand beaches and aqua blue seas to the gleaming city skyline where every window is a beachfront view with both sunrise AND sunsets that take the breath away, BeachHead City quickly became the number one destination for Veterans from every nation and every branch to call home!
Then on that day none will forget.. THEY invaded, wave after wave after wave of amphibious landing craft THEY came. A tsunami of enemy soldiers stormed BeachHead City beach that morning and has continued to this day.
It was those Veteran warriors, the battle hardened men and women that were the Pioneering settlers of BHC that, as if by instinct sprung into action and with the ferocity of legends began repelling the enemy, keeping their families safe and destroying everything the enemy threw at them.
It was these men and women, that built BeachHead City into the most heavily fortified and defended beach in the world and set the stage for future veterans to continue the fight for freedom in the "Pearl Oasis"
It was, as if by fate, on July 4th that the BeachHead City Defense Coalition was formed and VUDF-1 "The Fighting First" was officially recognized as a unit and the designated First line of Defense for BeachHead City.
Steeped in tradition and uncommon valor, to be a part of the Fighting First is to be a part of Greatness!
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